Meet Six New Yorkers With Standout Style and Palpable Panache


Angel Otero, artist
“I tend to highlight specific clothing when I dress. For example, if I’m wearing a shirt that is a unique layout or texture I will mute out the rest of my clothes so the shirt stands out. I like living every day with the same balance, not just in my style but also in my life.”

Stacey Bendet, designer, Alice & Olivia
“I always love a high/low look — a glamorous skirt or tailored pant back to a fun T-shirt…bell-bottoms back to a dramatic coat…. I will be boho one day and city-chic the next…it depends on my mood…your outfit each morning is like personal art that sets the mood for your day!”

Jonathan Toubin, DJ
“Night and day are different, and my aesthetics tend to evolve based on where I am in life and work, but as long as I remember I’ve been definitely pro-style and anti-fashion and never want to do what other people are doing — even my friends. Right now I like bespoke sparkly suits, French-cuff shirts with as much flavor as I can get away with, pointy shiny shoes…basically post-Mod meets midcentury showbiz…”

Lainy Hedaya, blogger and creative consultant, Haute Inhabit
“A closet that has consistency is so important. I think I’m a real New Yorker because we make so many decisions in the day, we don’t want to have to decide what color to wear, so we wear all black. But it takes great skill to know how to wear all black well.”

Daveed Diggs, rapper/actor
“I like to be comfortable first and foremost. And I like to always represent the Bay in some way, even if it’s just in a barely perceptible ‘hyphy-ness’ in my outfits.”

Alexa Wilding, musician, writer, mother of twins
“Luxe bohemian mama. Motherhood and the everyday should not get in the way of living out your romantic fantasies. Which is why you’ll find me at the playground channeling Carly Simon, never without my Isabel Marant boots and Lipstick Queen Saint in rust.”

[This is part of the winter 2015 edition of The Seen, a quarterly style supplement by the Village Voice devoted to exploring and sharing the most dynamic elements of New York City’s fashion and design worlds, from the iconic to the as yet undiscovered.]