Up Your Instagram Game and Be a Kid Again in This Giant Room Full of Balloons


A Peek Into Martin Creed’s Balloon Exhibit in Chinatown from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Remember those days of swan-diving into a ball pit with unfettered joy? Well, here’s the grown-up version.

Artist Martin Creed has a pop-up installation Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in Chinatown that’s both dreamlike and tangible: a room filled with giant, red balloons. The Voice caught up with some of the folks frolicking around in the gallery, Snapchatting and reminiscing about the Magic School Bus, as many a Millennial is wont to do.

The only downside? Like the life of a balloon, Work No. 2592 is only around for a limited time. In fact, it ends Saturday, December 19.

Don’t think, just go and surround yourself in a room made for happy, surreal experiences in an Instagram-friendly environment for a few hours.

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