Voice Letters: Readers Lament Losing an Iconic Boutique, Debate Leftovers on MTA Cards


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Hipsters Ruin Everything

It’s the end of an era [“Patricia Field to Close Her ‘Fashion Bazaar’ of an Iconic NYC Boutique,” Voice, Dec. 16]. I refuse to accept that this will probably just be some other hipster ramen house or another coffee shop. Frown emoticon. I’m sad. 🙁 — Yulieth Morales, via Facebook

Lumbersexuals Are Taking Over

Our city has turned to crap. All our memories are taken by people who will never understand our city culture. Our stories through those streets will be replaced by cafés and boring yuppies and hipsters with beards who look like reject lumberjacks. — Stavros Kanakis, via Facebook

NYC Ain’t What It Used to Be

No! Please! New York is not going to be THE New York people dream of coming to because it’s different from anywhere else and exciting. It’s going to be dull because all the great places that make New York New York are gone and becoming the same box buildings that provide expensive boring sh*t. — Natsuko Matsumura, via Facebook

No More Grande Burritos

My fave spot on 8th Street. And another iconic shop will be replaced by Chipotle or Starbucks. Don’t do it! — Zaynab Obaydi, via Facebook

Sing It, Joni

Unfortunate. Joni Mitchell said it best in Ladies of the Canyon: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” — Sarah Klain, via Facebook

Bro, Do You Even Watch Movies?

Wow, worst movie and TV list I’ve seen so far [Annual Critics Film Poll, Voice, Dec. 16]. It’s like you went out of your way to select crap. You’re missing ALL the movies just now being released, and Fargo is not even on your TV list at all and is by far the best show of the year. Brutal. — Andy Sheldon, via Facebook

Think of the Children!

Since the students are who pay fees, their voice should be heard and taken into consideration [“Can’t Go Home for Holiday Break? Prove it, Demands ‘Demeaning’ Barnard College,” Voice, Dec. 9]. They are free to leave or stay even on holidays; in small-period holidays, students find it a basket case to go home. — Abderrahim Bindguigne, via Facebook

Banking on Housing

Fees are prepaid. Why hassle kids? — Beth Billingsley, via Facebook

It’s All in the Cards

“Loss” or “breakage” is factored into the MTA’s profits [“Why Does the MTA Refuse to Work With a Nonprofit That Gives Rides to the Poor?Voice, Dec. 16]. They’re counting on that credit not being used. The same reason stores love gift cards. People pay up front and then forget about them, and they don’t lose any revenue in the transaction. Duh! — Mike Rucker, via Facebook

Playing the Class Card

Is it because the wealthy don’t piss their money away like the middle class? — Richie Budd, via Facebook

An MTA Card Saved Is an MTA Card Earned

The MTA probably already pocketed the money! — Amanda Bradshaw, via Facebook

Subway Scrooges

They are greedy and heartless. — Adriana Babino, via Facebook



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