Someone Gave Adele a KISS Makeover for the Pazz & Jop Coloring Contest and We’re Screaming


Granted, Kanye’s Paul Stanley look is just as fierce, but GOOD LORD SOME THINGS CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

Here’s a casual reminder that the 43rd Annual Pazz & Jop Critics Poll will be arriving on January 12, and that we’ll be celebrating the release of the issue with a private party featuring the musical stylings of Charles Bradley and Jonathan Toubin later that evening. If you’d like to attend said soulful soiree, make like @qbertplaya and whip out the medium of your choice to participate in our coloring contest. We may never recover from her entry, but consider this a challenge to one-up her and potentially score two tickets to the Pazz & Jop private shindig on January 12.

More details to follow, but Jesus. THE DETAILS ON KENDRICK’S HAT ALONE. Critics, go home. @qbertplaya won Pazz & Jop. (You should enter in the coloring contest while you still can, though — the deadline is January 8.)

My entry for the @VillageVoice #PazzAndJop Coloring Contest

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