Market Hotel Announces Reopening, First Run of Shows


Bushwick’s Market Hotel was a core part of Brooklyn’s vibrant DIY scene, but after cops raided the venue in 2010 during a Smith Westerns show, its future became uncertain, and it functionally closed in 2011. But rather than give into rising rents and noise complaints, owner Todd P vowed to turn the place legit and, eventually, reopen it to the NYC music community. Shortly after, an anonymous angel gave him a $100,000 grant to bring the venue fully above ground and running seven days a week.

Which brings us to today: after a soft opening with Sleater-Kinney in December, Market Hotel announced on Facebook they are finally, fully permitted and have their first shows lined up:

After 5 years of hard work, we just got word that Market Hotel is finally able to reopen for regular shows at the end of this month!

It’s been a humbling and inspiring experience to stick with getting this project through many twists and turns – and pull it off after so much sustained effort.

We hope and believe that Market Hotel will be an uplifting example of what can be accomplished independently, without access to lots of money, even in the hyper-charged real estate market of New York City at this moment in history. We’re proud that the space will be able to serve our neighborhood and our City beyond the traditional “indie” music community — through diverse programming both culturally in the evenings, and in direct not-for-profit work giving back to the community we live in.

Market Hotel is and will be what it always has been about — a terrific space for great musicians and for the people who love great music, made by people who also love great music.

Check out the shows below:

1/22 Market Reopening with special guests + Via App, Kill Alters, Dreamcrusher, Malory
1/23 Market Reopening with special gusts + Guerilla Toss, PC Worship, Pill
1/30 Bunker w/ Silent Servant, Bill Converse, Jahiliyya Fields, Forma
2/05 Show Me the Body, Moor Mother Goddess, Blackie (tickets)
2/13 The Soft Moon, Uniform (tickets)
3/03 DIIV, Dog Island (tickets)
3/04 DIIV, Lodro (tickets
3/05 DIIV (tickets)
3/25 Girlpool (tickets)
3/30 Faust (tickets)
4/02 Sustain-Release Campers Reunion
5/05 Mykki Blanco (tickets)