Voice Letters: Readers Give Their Two Cents on Donald Trump

"I've thought that The Donald's shtick was like Mussolini, but this adds the other half: Hefner without the brains and graciousness."


Hitler Lite

Donald Trump appears to be relishing his remembrance of the days of Hitler and Mussolini [“Donald Trump and the Joys of Toy Fascism,” Voice, Jan. 6]. Chances are he dresses up in the appropriate uniforms at the end of a busy and tiring day of ranting, bellowing, belching fire. Gee, a guy that busy deserves a break to unwind, dress up, look in the mirror, practice his “Sieg heil!” salute, and listen to the chancellor’s speeches on the gramophone (if you’re going to be nostalgic, why not go all the way?).

— Aaron Fowlkes, via Facebook

Making ‘The Donald’

Donald Trump is dangerous. But I want to know more about his staff! Who keeps him organized, who chooses his events, his wardrobe, his “policy positions,” such as they are? Someone must be running Donald. He isn’t doing it all by himself. It might be good to know. It might even take some of the bloom off the rose.

— David Taylor, via Facebook

Mini Mussolini

I’ve thought that The Donald’s shtick was like Mussolini, but this adds the other half: Hefner without the brains and graciousness. It’s unlikely the nation that twice elected Obama would do so for Trump, but with Hillary hatred on the right and disgust with her on the left, who knows how the vote would go today, which is as far as anyone can reasonably look.

— Rita Wilmers, via Facebook

Trump’s Purty Little Mouth?

One difference I may have with this piece, Mr. Truscott IV, is your comment on Mr. Trump’s “little mouth”; would that it were so, as it might then explain the words of little value that emit from that maw, which may be a product of a little brain. Regrettably, I am more inclined to see Mr. Trump as a bigmouth espousing a political philosophy that, also regrettably, is targeted to an audience that laps it right up, much like the legions that are believers in the artificial reality shows that pander to them as fodder for their tiny lives. Alas, Mr. Trump seems to be somehow “trumping” his fellow candidates at the moment, they being the shallow ranks of the reluctant Republicans. Mr. Trump decries a true patriot such as Senator John McCain, who comes from a long line of family that has served its country well and proudly. Yet I am unable to visualize, try as I might, Mr. Trump serving five years in the Hanoi Hilton and enduring the tribulations and pain that Senator McCain did and then coming back and continuing to serve his country. Long live our democracy! Words well written, Mr. Truscott.

— Frederic W. Browne, via Facebook