Grab Tickets for Donut Fest, the Perfect Antidote to a Joy-Free January


If there’s one thing we love more than a -palooza, it’s a -fest, so imagine our excitement to hear that not only is a -fest occurring on Saturday, January 23, at Verboten in Brooklyn, but that this will be a Donut Fest.

More than a baker’s dozen of donut and coffee shops will be on hand to share their wares and be judged on their crisp, yeasty, chewy sugar-coated offerings, ultimately answering the burning question in all our minds: Where can I get my hands on the best donut in the city?

A panel of judges (with the best job in the world) will be in attendance, and a people’s choice award will be decided by vote — a chance to stand up for your favorite treat. Coffee will be served throughout, because, obviously. Tickets cost $35 and entitle you to a couple of hours of donut consumption. V.I.P. tickets go for $50 and include both early entry and a themed Donut Fest coffee mug. You can also buy larger quantities of your favorites to take home for, um, dinner.

Donut Fest, organized by specialist food event planners Bobalky & Gnocchi, comes to our great city by way of Chicago, no slouches in the donut department. It started in 2014 and grew every year as donut luminaries like Sweetcakes and Glazed and Confused duked it out for bragging rights.

Participants in our own donut throwdown include trendy street cart favorite Carpe Donut, whose apple cider offering will be hard to beat. Mike’s Doughnuts of Bay Ridge is bringing it old-school style with their straight-back-to-childhood jelly donuts, as warm and plump as angels’ pillows. West Village newcomer Doughnut Project is shaking things up with its inventive, offbeat flavors. “Our ricotta cheese and beet glazed donut was actually inspired by a salad!” notes founder Leslie Polizzotto. Can it triumph over the Donutologist, with classic fried mini donuts, dusted with sugar?

Profits from the Fest will be donated to the Food Bank for the City of New York, to support its important work of providing 64 million free meals to New Yorkers in need every year. It’s donut consumption that you can feel good about — even in the joyless month of January. As organizer Rebecca Skoch says, “Everything in moderation. Treat yo’self.”