Voice Letters: Readers Weigh In on Spike Lee, Michael Musto, and John Hughes


Golden Musto

This man has courage, and I hope he is back at the Voice on a regular basis [“Sweet Smell of Scandal,” Voice, February 24].

– Jules Weberman

The Twenty-Year Snub

Never understood why Michael Keaton didn’t win for Multiplicity. Still one of our family’s favorite movies.

– Judy Palmer O’Toole


A Matter of Taste

I’m so over this nonsense…and Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith whining [“Spike to the System,” Voice, February 24]. I’ve watched the Oscars for fifty years. There have been many, many fine, deserving actors, actresses, screenwriters, and directors who have never been honored with a nomination or an Oscar…as well as many great films overlooked. Being a person of any color starring in a movie does not mean an Academy Award nomination. Just because you’re a black film director does not mean that every time you make a film you are handed a bucket of Academy Awards.

– Dennis Fagan

White Athletes Can’t Win

Oscars are based on talent. So is the NBA. The Knicks have too few whites. Blacks represent 17 percent of the population. I would say that our sports are disproportionate to that number. Should whites boycott sports? No! It is only blacks who continually pull the racist card.

– Robert Novak

False Equivalency

The number of baskets a player can make can be measured without bias — the numbers speak for themselves. The Oscars are based on the opinions of a few very old white men. NBA and Oscars: not the same thing at all.

– Ron Thompson

Don’t Mix Fame and Politics

Wish this hypocrite knew this about his pal Mike Bloomberg, in which he gets a free pass for everything. Just goes to show that certain celebs shouldn’t even be involved in politics.

– Michael Quinones

What Race Problem?

I have traveled and lived all over the world — Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, to name a few areas — and America is the least racist country I have ever seen. We are not perfect, but we have come a long, long way. We have an African-American president, attorney general, senators, and congressmen. Latinos and Asians occupy high posts in local, state, and federal government. Some Latinos (and an African American) are being taken seriously as contenders for a major party’s nomination for president. To take just one out of many counterexamples, Haiti is a country populated by blacks. The discrimination when I visited it a few years ago centered on whether an individual was dark black or light black — that’s how the politics were organized. We are not perfect, but we are pretty damn good.

– Carl Strobel


Writing in Harmony

This was great [“Pretty on Tape,” Voice, February 24]. You know what the fuck you are talking about, and you captured a shitload of feelings in a bottle yourself, man. Bravo. Good work.

– Anthony John Burgos

R.I.P. John Hughes

I miss him and his wonderful sappy movies.

– Wilma Knouse

Hidden Gem

A song given prominent play in the movie — “Positively Lost Me” by Jimmer Podrasky and the Rave-Ups — was left off the soundtrack even though Podrasky and his bandmates were well-known at A&M Records. They worked in the A&M mailroom, and one of the suits in charge evidently thought they weren’t “a real band” because they had day jobs delivering the office mail. So one of the great undiscovered bands in L.A. remained undiscovered. Jimmer is still around; he just finished recording his second solo album.

– Tom Weber