Exclusive Premiere: ARMS Blend Synthpop and Glam Rock on “Keep It Light”


Longtime NYC singer-songwriter Todd Goldstein had a taste of fame in the mid-2000s as the guitarist of indie darlings Harlem Shakes. Although the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2009, blog buzz was just a blip on Goldstein’s radar. His solo project, ARMS, (which he’d formed in 2004, before the Shakes) kept humming along, fueled by shimmering synths and Goldstein’s interest in thoughtful songwriting. In anticipation of ARMS’ upcoming third album, Patterns, which arrives this spring, we’re excited to premiere the lead single, “Keep It Light.”

Goldstein says the song is “an open letter to the voices in my head that delight in telling me to tone it down, to rein it in, to not frighten or disturb anyone with my behaviors or feelings.” He points to the late David Bowie as an influence on the song’s big gestures, with “some Neu!-ish 1000-mile drone, [and] a little late Walkmen with those mariachi horns…I don’t do a lot of out-and-out rocking these days, and ‘Keep It Light’ is my attempt to rock the aforementioned voices into oblivion.”

To ARMS and all their influences, we salute you.