Voice Letters: Readers Sound Off on Cuomo, Tina Fey, and Gentrification


Cuomo’s Office Responds to Nick Pinto

To the Editor:

Your recent article “Cuomo Bares Fangs at CUNY, Puts Final Nail in the Coffin of His Own Progressivism” [Voice, March 9] is so completely inaccurate, hyperbolic, and filled with false statements that it makes New York’s tabloids look tame.

Let me set the record straight: The Governor has put forward a common-sense fiscal plan that fully funds CUNY while directing more resources toward classrooms and teachers, and away from administrative overhead costs. There is no scenario in which this would adversely impact students, and to say otherwise is both disingenuous and untrue.

Today, CUNY is one of the most expensive school bureaucracies in the nation. The cost of administrative overhead is roughly $4,634 per student — nearly two times the average cost of what others pay in states like California, Massachusetts, and Florida. It is imperative that CUNY reduce administrative overhead in order to increase funding for academic programming. We will work with CUNY to ensure this happens, because our students and faculty deserve no less.

Governor Cuomo is committed to the academic success of the more than 480,000 students who attend CUNY, many of whom are the first in their family to go college. He knows that investing in our public colleges and universities is an investment in this state’s future. Now it’s time to come together to create a more viable and sustainable future for CUNY for years to come.


Jim Malatras

Director of State Operations, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Cuomo v. CUNY

He lost my vote! He’s a shitty human being.

— Ruben Marin

Public Education Is a Public Service

I owe my advanced education to CUNY, and thus the ability to live a good life. These cuts infuriate me. My granddaughter struggles with a debt of $91,000 from her education. She and her husband fight to make a life for themselves and new baby while barely able to keep up with the interest on that debt. Their part-time employment at $15 per hour and no benefits makes hope for their future very dismal. These anti-education strategies are destroying America’s future. Our children will be spending nearly every dollar they earn on interest to the banks. Capitalism cannot survive without consumers; don’t the politicians know that?

— Patt Reid

A Truscott Fan Speaks

Whether you agreed with the article or not, “Wake Up, America” [Voice, March 2] was a great piece of writing. I’m looking forward to more Voice articles by the gifted Lucian K. Truscott IV.

— Richard Fried


Anderson Misses the Point

This movie isn’t a comedy [“Operation Unendurable: ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ Confirms That the Movies Don’t Get Tina Fey,” Voice online edition, March 1]. It is dark and if one is expecting to see a funny Tina Fey movie (hello, Melissa) — this isn’t it. But it is a good movie. More a drama than anything. This review seems more like Melissa was pissed it wasn’t a comedy. Preconceived notions put to print don’t show the limitations of the movie so much as those of the author of this piece.

— Kurt Haslett


Gentrification Isn’t Racist

I love how gentrification is somehow “systemic racism” and not a failure on the minority community to stabilize their neighborhoods by buying houses when they were under $200K instead of buying rims and crack [” ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’ Tackles Brooklyn’s Gentrification Problem,” Voice online edition, March 10]. Look, no one likes the rising rents, and it affects all groups. However, this is bullshit city-level nationalism. Yeah, you’re so special because your mami and papi came here on a boat, and you’re a first- or second-generation NYCer so therefore you’re entitled to continue living in the neighborhood you grew up in. I got news for you: In the past two hundred years there’s probably been a half-dozen cultural groups in “your” neighborhood, and the last one probably thought your group was pretty shitty as well. Get a fucking grip. You may have lived there for a bit, but you don’t own any of it. Maybe you should stop blaming the “gentrifiers” and take a good look at yourself and the shitty landlords in the community who are the real problem.

— Phil W Jo

Not About Entitlement

Phil W Jo, I don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture. Education and opportunities are all much different in marginalized communities. Sure, voting is important, and no one forever owns a neighborhood, but you really need to educate yourself before spewing this trash.

— Ernest Goodmaw