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Obie-Winner ‘YOUARENOWHERE’ Is Revelatory Theater


Ever feel like you’re alone in the universe? A random particle, floating into and out of contact with other stray atoms? Have you ever tried to imagine, literally, what that would look like?

Andrew Schneider has. In YOUARENOWHERE, Schneider makes revelatory theater from a surprising combination of physics lessons, trippy sound and light effects — and, eventually, a meditation on love. Now at 3LD, YOUARENOWHERE is already well celebrated: It premiered at P.S.122’s 2015 COIL festival, won an Obie, and played last summer’s Mass Live Arts festival.

Not bad for a performance piece about existential loneliness. Onstage solo for much of the show, Schneider muses about the arbitrariness of time, the powers of subjectivity and chance, and the possibility that our entire life story is happening at once (or in multiple realities, or not at all). Meanwhile, glitches — ear-splitting static, audio feedback — interrupt him at every turn. Lights flash violently, then flicker out. When they come up again, Schneider’s never where we saw him last.

Toying with our senses this theatrically would be exciting enough. But Schneider finds a route to our emotions too. Through some impressive stage magic, the piece morphs into a searching meditation on our craving, amid the randomness, to share a moment in space with someone else. This month, head to 3LD and share one with Schneider.

By Andrew Schneider
3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street
Through April 3