Voice Letters: Readers Sound Off on Accordions…and Trump


Another Kid Who Played the Squeezebox

I played the accordion as a kid; I took lessons from one of the preeminent professionals who ever played, Maddalena Belfiore in Kearny, New Jersey [“And the Accordions Play On,” Voice, March 16]. It truly is an amazing instrument.

— Giovanni Romano

Lots of People Still Love the Ol’ Stomach Steinway

[The accordion has been] forgotten by white people. But I bet you could turn on a radio in NYC right now and find accordion on at least four or five stations. Many in this city hear it every day.

— Mike Pig

Democratic Trump Supporter Isn’t a Racist…

Well, you have one thing right: Trump has huge support here [“The Masses Are Revolting,” Voice, March 16]. But you make many false statements. To say that 25 percent of Trump supporters are racists is an outright lie with no basis in fact. To be for legal immigration in rational numbers and against illegal immigration has nothing to do with racism. Such false statements are just designed to distract voters from the harmful effects of globalism on our American way of life. I’m a Trump supporter, a former Democrat, and highly educated — as are all of the Trump supporters I know. East Hampton is actually a majority Democratic town, so the wealthy elites here are Democrats. They like their cheap illegal labor as much as the Chamber of Commerce types like their cheap labor. However, it’s the middle class here that is picking up the huge cost of a massive illegal migration in doubled school costs, higher health care costs, higher costs from all the state benefits they are receiving, and the loss of property value from large numbers of illegally overcrowded houses, to say nothing of the impact on crime. Do your homework better and stop spreading hate.

— Carol Buda

…Nor Is This Trump-Lover Uneducated

I have an engineering degree and an MBA from Vanderbilt. I only mention that due to the attacks on the educational background or intelligence of millions of Trump voters and supporters. I am a Trump supporter and activist with what little time I have, and so is my bride of 41 years. She has really liked Trump for many years before he ever made this presidential run. The current attacks on Donald Trump are the modus operandi for the left-wing Democrats and their supporters in the left-wing media (New York Times, Washington Post, major elements of ABC, NBC, and CBS). This is exactly the same thing that Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s brilliant deputy campaign manager in 2012, did in March and April of that year against Mitt Romney. Romney was not able or willing to refute the attacks; Trump will go after Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and incompetence, to say nothing of her radical view of America’s future. Trump will call out the Clintons for their corruption better than anyone the GOP could put up against her.

— Jim Young

All Hail the Burnt-Sienna Ringmaster

Of course it’s all true, but the fact is that these people only see the bigmouth onstage, lying to them, and they applaud his act. It’s a fucking act, and these people are too stupid to realize this. He hates the people he speaks to. He’s the enemy of working people, yet they want him to be their orange Jesus.

— Le Gormay

The Future of Labor Is Robots

What evidence do laborers have that Trump will help them? He has said wages were too high, he is against raising the minimum wage, and he has hired labor from foreign countries at $5 an hour — and even refused to pay many of them. What evidence in his history do they have? He has said at least three times that he would make Apple bring jobs back from China, but Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has said Apple is never bringing jobs back to the U.S. It is tragic what has happened to labor in the U.S., but that ship has sailed. The jobs that have come back are automated, and more and more labor will be taken over by robots.

— Donna Moore

Good Riddance to This Biased Judge

This guy is everything that is wrong with justice today [“The Chamber,” Voice, March 2]. There is nothing impartial about him, and his courtroom might as well be an extension of the prosecution. It isn’t a coincidence that every high-profile “gang” case ends up before [Judge Edward] McLaughlin. Apparently he’ll sign a search warrant at the drop of a hat, so of course [Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus] Vance’s criminal enterprise goes to him with every half-baked case against “gangbangers,” because they know he’ll approve a warrant, give stiff bails, and not question the underlying facts at all. Good riddance.

— Bill Smith