Readers Weigh In on Mx Justin Vivian Bond, David Lynch, Zayn Malik, and More


Cuomo and His Cronies Don’t Care About CUNY

Dirty, dirty politicians [“The Hunger,” Voice, March 23]. Solidarity to all students worldwide struggling to keep their schools open for education.

— Jackson Montgomery (via Twitter)

Science Clearly Favors Superman Over Batman

Just can’t swallow the concept to begin with [“Batman v. Superman Is Too Weighty to Soar, but It Has Its Moments,” Voice online edition, March 22]. Batman is one of my favorite superheroes from since I was a kid, but he ain’t even close to Superman’s league. If Superman and Batman really got into it, Superman just hits him with twenty seconds of heat vision — he could do it from five miles away, and Batman is a smoking cinder. Or he could just hit Batman as hard as he can one time, and Batman’s head is Jell-O. Or just snatch Batman up and throw him past Jupiter.

— David Gardner

Zack Snyder Sucks All the Joy Out of Comic-Book Heroes

“Wayne insists, ‘If we believe that there’s even a 1 percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty.’ ” Anyone else think that sounds like Ted Cruz? So basically, everyone is a right-wing fearmonger in these new, dour superhero movies. Since when is life so terrible and apocalyptic for Hollywood filmmakers? I am so over super-serious, pretentious, expensive superhero movies.

— Eric Davidson

Bilge Ebiri Sure Has a High Opinion of Himself…

Everything can’t be artsy-fartsy, Village Voice. But then again, you were never for comic movies, especially DC.

— Michael Quinones

…As Does a Reader

If you’re not reading Bilge Ebiri at the reinvigorated Village Voice, you’re missing terrific film criticism.

— Josh Greenman (via Twitter)

Blue Velvet Terrifies, Thrills, and Holds Up

The first time I saw this I needed to take a Xanax afterward [“In Dreams,” Voice, March 23]. A great movie!

— Frank O’Hehir

Was Lynch Really a Documentarian?

Some say [Blue Velvet] was based on Ted Cruz’s prom night.

— Thomas Sullivan

Reader Loves the Voice‘s New Voices

Great analysis in a great article! The Voice just keeps getting better and better since the most recent change in ownership. Keep up the great work! (From a reader of thirty years who used to buy it at the newsstand.)

— Glenn Krasner

Play It Again, David

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. This is my favorite film, the one I must watch once a year. It never gets old, and Dean Stockwell’s singing scene…yes.

— Monika Bolino

Youth Watches Lynch Film, Chaos Ensues

My dad kept telling me to rent this; I was probably fourteen or fifteen. Needless to say, it was all downhill after that.

— James O’Brien (via Twitter)

A Master’s Masterpiece

I love every film that David Lynch has ever made. But Blue Velvet is right up there with Twin Peaks for faves. Most of his oeuvre seamlessly melds the beautiful with the strange or horrific — the blending can be unsettling.

— Defiled Cinephile (via Twitter)

Reader Prefers Deceased Critic’s Opinion

Sorry, I am with Roger Ebert on this one!

— Ted Folke

Gird Yourself for the Backlash

This was a great analysis of how and why misogyny and toxic masculinity can ruin even gorgeous boys with great hair [“Finding — and Hating — the Real Zayn,” Voice online edition, March 25]. A+++ job. Also, thank you for writing it even in the face of all the hate you’ll inevitably get from Zayn fans. It needed saying.

— Roma Panganiban (via Twitter)

Area Woman Praises Sibling’s Journalistic Accomplishment…

Grace Dunham never stops queering the game, not for a second, and I fucking love it [“Aspirations of Elegance: The Endless Adolescence of Mx Justin Vivian Bond,” Voice, March 23].

— Lena Dunham (via Twitter)

…While Follower of Celebrity Pleased by Article, Too…

Thanks for posting, Lena. A beautiful read.

— Catherine Schreiber (via Twitter)

…And Friend of Article’s Subject Also Pleased

One of my most fave people on the planet — Mx Justin Vivian Bond — gets well-deserved front-page treatment from the Village Voice.

— Kate Bornstein (via Twitter)

Everyone Loves Vivian

A conversation with one of the nicest, most genuine people ever.

— Julie Tarney (via Twitter)

Music Biopics Were Not Ruined by Arguably Dumb Parody

There was nothing dumb or false about The Buddy Holly Story [“Light Gone Dim,” Voice, March 23]. I watched again just the other day and it simply feels like a moment-to-moment honest depiction of a backwoods genius slowly getting to share his art with the world. And Walk Hard is far more hit-and-miss — those labored visual puns? — than the towering comedic masterpiece you make it out to be.

— Stephen Conn