Voice Letters: Readers Sound Off on Politics, Vegan Cheese, and More


Conspicuous Consumption Not Reader’s Cup of Tea

This is one of the stupidest things ever [“Beyond the Hype: The Voice Goes Rogue for Record Store Day,” April 13]. Waiting on line for hours and NOT getting the records that you want… I’m done with Record Store Day.

— Nick Buccolieri

Felonious Pol’s Party’s Pick Is Not in His Pocket

Actually, Cancel has said publicly in debates, including NY1’s televised debate, that [disgraced former assemblyman Sheldon] Silver should lose his pension and do jail time [“Primary Politics: Winter Is Coming to the 65th District,” Voice, April 13]. She is for term limits for legislators and a requirement that legislators not accept outside income. Do your homework. This is sloppy reporting.

— Sheri Clemons

The Author Responds

After our issue closed, Alice Cancel said in the NY1 debate that Sheldon Silver should serve jail time and lose his pension. This was in marked contrast to previous public statements in which she praised Silver and refused to criticize him.

— Nick Pinto

Start at the Top

Corruption can be significantly minimized with an honest president. This would set the tone and template for each of the states. Vote for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday; the status quo has to go.

— Sandy Steubing

Voice Makes Excellent Choice

Absolutely the best rock bar to attend or play in NYC! [“Greenpoint Heavy: Five Years of Metal Worship at Saint Vitus,” Voice, April 13]

— Nicholas Sudol

Bitter Fan Holds Trump’s Football Failure Against Him

I’d just chant “One Dollar” in honor of Trump killing the United States Football League by winning that antitrust lawsuit against the NFL but only being awarded that much treble to $3.76 [“Shut Down Trump Protesters Take to the Streets in NYC,” Voice online edition, April 14]. The NFL got a moral victory in the courtroom while the other league folded a week later.

— Joshua Benkin

Democratic Debate Rouses Readers’ Passions…

Bernie will stop the preparation works on WWIII and further beggaring of the U.S. [“Scenes From the Brooklyn Debate With Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton,” Voice online edition, April 15]. No more Republicans and Hillary warmongering, no more bombing, no more hate spreading over the world, no more amassing of enormous wealth in hands of crooks.

— Julius Centik

…But One Is Sure Hillary Won

She nailed him and he never recovered.

— Calvin Pipher

The Plight of the Middle Class Is Long and Easily Exploited

Ignorance is evil [“Long Island Death Metal: Donald Trump Panders to the Middle-Age Wasteland,” Voice online edition, April 12]. You reap what you sow. What’s not noted in this piece are the other factors that tore away the façade of the American Dream. First of all, before the safety net was labeled welfare, the G.I. Bill provided tax dollars to help buy that home. Secondly, closed unions ensured undereducated (new popular phrase targeted at blacks) people could make enough money to sustain a household. Funny how the worm turns.

— Debra Elaine Christopher

Unfortunately, We’re Awake

It’s called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it.

— Anibal McKinney

Long Island Is Hardcore

Are you suggesting a Trump rally is like a headbangers’ ball?

— Gregg M. Davis

Blame It on Ted Nugent

I’ve noticed a lot of metal fans are right-wing. What’s up with that? Is that a thing?

— Ali Vonal

The Donald Speaks to His People

Lowest common denominator.

— Patricia Schneider

Cheese Please Me

I’ve tried vegan cheese, and it’s horrible [“Vegan Cheeses Are Finally Finding Their Place in New York’s Food Scene,” Voice, April 13]. Some foods are best left alone!

— Sa-Rah Bibbins

Vegan Cheese: It’s the Bee’s Knees

Some of us don’t have a choice, so this is excellent.

— Noah Barnett

Don’t Mess With Cheeseheads

Wisconsin still hates you, vegan cheese. You suck.

— Anthony Von Der Vellen

Dairy the Hatchet

Haters gonna hate. Vegan cheese is great!

— Tim Grob