Voice Letters: Readers Weigh In on the Port Authority, Babymetal, and More


Hell on Wheels: The Port Authority’s Broken Promise Is Choking Newark’s Kids” [Voice, May 4]

Great reporting.

— Ana Baptista


The Incoherence of ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’ Only Makes It More Compelling” [Voice, May 4]

Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Cruising are both brilliant choices for this retrospective because they still hold relevance today within the hookup-app culture. I don’t think Looking for Mr. Goodbar is completely incoherent, because the film clearly points out why the protagonist seeks sexual freedom through increasingly dangerous encounters with rough trade. However, the ambiguous element of whether this is a wildly feminist or misogynistic statement does make a compelling post-screening discussion. Who can resist that delicious soundtrack?

— Christopher Richardson

I thought [Looking for Mr. Goodbar] was completely coherent. She was a woman struggling with self-destructive impulses, with a part of her looking for her own annihilation.

— Marc Vargo

God, even though I read the book and knew what was going to happen, my heart took off and I thought I was going to die — and I was still only a twentysomething!

— Elaine Micki Brennan

I remember going to see this movie back in ’77. I’m not sure if today’s audience would get it.

— Frank Vieira

Can’t imagine why this isn’t on DVD. And the soundtrack also kicks major butt!

— Christopher Benjamin Nicholas Nessing

Incoherent to today’s audience.

— Brian Perfect


At Least They Dream: Godard’s ‘Band of Outsiders’ Clings to Fantasy” [Voice, May 4]

…And decades will turn into centuries. Great piece, Mr. Taylor.

— Dimitrios Papagiannis

Rotting From the Inside Out: The Beautiful People Get Tainted in ‘A Bigger Splash” [Voice, May 4]

Wow. That review was a mouthful. It’s good to know some people still use a thesaurus.

— Corey M. Saxton

Human Scenery: Benedict Andrews’s Streetcar Dazzles — and Disappoints” [Voice, May 4]

The story has grown dated. Perhaps if they did it with a cast of drag queens next time.

— James F. Barry

Japan’s Babymetal Just Slayed New York With Sweetness” [
Voice online, May 5]

What basis do you have to think the girls will age out? Because the management company, Amuse, doesn’t have that history with other bands, like One OK Rock and Perfume; if you have information to that effect, I would love to hear it. If you are saying that because “that’s what happens in Japan” then you really haven’t done your due diligence on researching this band. I suspect it’s the latter. I don’t expect misinformation in the Village Voice.

— Dean Grant


A Witness for Abbie: How Genre TV Systematically Lets Black Women Down” [Voice online, May 5]

You missed Danai Gurira as Michonne [The Walking Dead] — amazing character.

— Kevin Medina

Cheesecake Chocolate Babka — and a Prince Tribute — Coming to Breads Bakery” [
Voice online, May 6]

Another lesser babka.

— Stephen Marchese


• Lizzie Feidelson’s May 4 story on Yve Laris Cohen’s Embattled Garden misspelled the name of the artist. Additionally, it stated that Cohen formerly worked for the Martha Graham dance company; he is still employed there.

• Charles Taylor’s May 4 review of Jean-Luc Godard’s Band of Outsiders, at Film Forum, incorrectly identified Rialto Pictures’ new restoration of the film as “a 4K restoration.” It is a DCP restoration.

• Max Rivlin-Nadler’s May 4 story on high levels of pollution in Newark’s portside communities incorrectly identified Weequahic, one of the city’s southside neighborhoods, as predominantly white. The community is predominantly black, according to the most recent census data. Nevertheless, though Weequahic is only a few miles farther from Port Newark than the Ironbound is, the concentration of exhaust there is dozens of times lower.

The Voice regrets the errors.