Voice Letters: Readers Weigh In on Butchers, Fighters, and Parking Tickets


Broadway Intrepid: Shuffle Along Resuscitates the Story of Gifted Black Theater Artists Facing Long Odds,” May 11

Wow! What a selling review. I agree with every word the reviewer has written. Go see this, especially before Audra McDonald takes maternity leave!

— Sue Leonard

Fecht Club: New York’s Women Warriors,” May 11

I can understand the idea of having separate events for Ringen because of the body difference and the advantage that gives. But the point of a sword is to balance the fight regardless of one’s body, so to have separate rankings for men and women in weapon systems just seems a little odd. I mean, the women I fought with for the most part could beat me easily.

— Nick Jacques

A HEMA fighter responds: Many women — myself included, as well as many of the women registered for this weekend’s events — fight both in open competition and women’s. As a 5’3″ woman, I’m at a decided disadvantage against many male opponents. It’s not impossible, but I do have to take two steps for his one, etc. Open and women’s tournaments offer different environments, and for some women who aren’t comfortable in an open, for whatever reason, women’s tournaments give them the chance to still be part of the tournament scene.

— Rebecca Glass

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve fought with women of about your height before, and they often state [my height] as an obstacle to get around in a fight, and from my perspective the issue is getting around their guards and speed. I’ve never been to a tournament, as my student schedule (and budget) won’t allow, but do they usually have male/female-only competitions? I know the issue of how to do competitions with regards to gender has been posed, and I know it’s been done different ways for different events — but that’s about all I know.

— Nick Jacques

Slice of Life: Meet the Meatcutters of Williamsburg,” May 11

Great article! If (when) I visit NYC I will check out this shop.

— Peter Thornton

Gender isn’t important, guys. So let’s talk about it nonstop in this article.

— Daniel Funes

It’s about time! End this stigma!

— Linda Kit

Bazaaro World: With 10,000 Products From 80 Countries, Kalustyan’s Market Is a Round-the-World Ticket for Your Face,” May 11

My favorite spice shop in NYC.

— Zafreen Zafreen

Love this place!

— Ann Duddy

A Nettlesome Addition: One of Spring’s Least Likely Ingredients Requires a High Tolerance for Pain,” May 11

Had them often as kids. We wore gloves to avoid being stung.

— Suzanne DeStaffany

The NYPD Just Admitted That It Issued Millions in Illegal Citations,” May 11

I always block the pedestrian ramp near my building and always get a ticket. I drafted a template with pics, [which I] submit online, plead not guilty, and it gets dismissed over and over. I have even printed out the rule about T intersections straight from the [Department of Transportation] website and enclosed it in tickets I’ve seen on the drivers’ windshields. I hope they fought it.

— Keon Morris

More government should solve the problem. They just need more money, too.

— Ed Moran

“The improperly issued tickets were simply the result of faulty training for beat cops.” Is that the excuse they’ll use every time cops fuck up now?

— Tommy Shackleford

Not much incentive to stop? How about leadership telling beat cops “stop doing this” — like at any other job. It took sixty seconds to read this article; how much more “training” do you need?

— Robert Zott

So how about giving us our goddamn money back then?

— Dory Duarte

Land of the free and the crooked.

— Andi Musaj

New York City’s Private Garbage Collectors Are Treated Like Trash,” May 12

Private sanitation workers work ten times harder than city sanitation workers.

— Izzy Wisl

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