Voice Letters: Readers Weigh In on Student Sex Workers, Counterfeits on Canal


Work-Study, Manhattan Style: Thousands of NY Students Turn to Sex Work to Make Ends Meet,” May 18

OMG…. They all do it now. Have you heard of webcams?! And they make more money at it than what they are going to school for.

— Kevin Stroh

CUNY is 10 percent of their [NYU’s] price and they even share professors. You want NYU? Go to CUNY and study hard and get work with them, then they will pay your tuition.

— Sara Vallejo Novoa

I’d choose a cheaper school rather than sell my precious lil body. God forbid you can’t pay your Lower Manhattan rent and go to NYU!

— Halina Shatravka

Very sad article that says more about the current state of the U.S. economy and the business of higher education than anything else. There are many non-students that fall into this line of work as well, and the fact that the young woman had to subject herself to being a slave in a dungeon was really the ultimate depressing image.

— Glenn Krasner

I had two college students in my class who were strippers. Great students, wonderful girls. Both told me the key to being a stripper is don’t do drugs and don’t believe any man has your best interests [in mind]. Both paid for their education in cash, have gone on to great jobs, and I love them. They also told me how rigged strip clubs are and how guys fall for it. These girls are coached to get maximum money. A few words, a few peeps, guys go for it every time.

— Carolyn Rose Milner

Or choose a good major that is in high demand and makes decent money, and you’ll have no problem paying off your loans. Dumb millennials.

— Julius Scipio

Free until you get beaten, disfigured, or killed by a john.

— Kayti Sullivan

I’m sure there were articles in the Village Voice in the Sixties and Seventies discussing the same subject.

— Danny Bigelow

NYC: the place of dreams.

— Fatima Rizwan Sheikh

Or you can choose computer science and be just fine.

— Ruslon Kasymov

There is a lot of blaming the students here. Maybe we need to think about the high cost of tuition in this country. I’m all for sex work if you really feel you want to do it, but a lot of people don’t have another option. That needs to change. NYU owns this entire city and their tuition is one of the highest in the country. They have driven up rent costs and taken over iconic buildings. Stop shaming these students, and let’s do something about affordable education.

—Cynthia Diaz

It’s a diabolical setup, all the way.

— Sheila Kirbos

Your article “Work-Study, Manhattan Style” is coming at the right time. The obvious reaction should be the legalization of prostitution in New York State — which would bring tons of money into the coffers of the city. The sex workers would be registered and every week they would have to provide proof of a medical examination.

— Willy Machan

Knockoff: Another Day at the Office — on Canal Street With Counterfeit Vendors,” May 18

Leave [the vendors] alone. They are not misrepresenting the product as real. Supply and demand.

— Rodney Howard

De Blasio’s Rivington Street Condo Debacle Is a Scandal That Just Might Stick,” May 18

Almost every day I see a homeless man sitting on the steps.

— Lee Whelchel

A Small Sigh for The BFG, the Spielberg Letdown at Cannes,” May 16

Haven’t seen the movie, but this is some of the smartest writing on Spielberg I’ve seen.

— Roy Edroso