Ten Arrested After Activists Block Entrance to Police Union’s Headquarters


On Wednesday morning, dozens of people gathered outside the headquarters of New York City’s largest police union to call for greater accountability for police officers and to protest the killing of Delrawn Smalls, an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a police officer during a road rage incident on July 4.

The demonstration began just after 9 a.m. at 125 Broad Street, which houses the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, in Lower Manhattan. Several protesters chained themselves to the turnstiles inside the lobby until they were arrested. An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that ten people were taken into custody, and that their charges were pending.

“We want the PBA to understand there needs to be accountability for racist, killer cops,” said Jewel Cadet, co-chair of Black Youth Project 100’s New York Chapter, which advocates for the defunding of law enforcement. Cadet said that one of the group’s goals is to “dismantle an institution that oppresses and kills black people.”

“We want for people to be aware that institutions and organizations, like the police, need to be defunded, and money that goes toward funding police needs to go towards funding black futures,” she added. “We are here demanding that the officer who killed Delrawn Smalls needs to be fired, not put on administrative leave, and any cop that is imposing racist, senseless killings of black people needs to be fired — not put on administrative leave.”

Another protester, Brittany Williams, said that she was there “because the PBA supports, funds, and defends cops that have killed black people — it sanctions police violence instead of funding for police reform or for black futures, those that are victims of police brutality.”

Pat Lynch, the head of the PBA, walked through the line of protesters outside the building but did not address them. He later released this statement, referring to the protest as an “illegal trespass demonstration.”