Exclusive Premiere: Stream Brooklyn Lo-Fi Whiz CC Mose’s Debut Album, ‘Beat Me’


Brooklyn-via-Portland-via–Kansas City singer-songwriter CC Mose has a familiar story: lots of traveling, songs written on the road, bedroom recordings and lo-fi production. But his debut album, Beat Me, is both denser and more varied than much of his dreamy contemporaries’ output. There’s some welcome psych touches, too, and honest-to-god folky guitar playing on the aptly titled “A Sad Song.” Mose, whose everyday name is Chris Robbins (not to be confused with the Voice‘s own city editor of the same name), says this is just the beginning for him. “Beat Me is a personal history of the [stories] of the last three years of my life. Some good, some bad, some pointless. Although it is the ‘debut’ record from CC Mose, I’ve never thought of it as a ‘beginning.’ To me it’s the end of a chapter and the turning of many pages that had needed to be turned for some time.”

In advance of the record’s official release Friday, listen to our exclusive stream below and say hello to a welcome addition to Brooklyn’s musical roster.