The Sheil Reel: A Look at Kate Lyn Sheil’s Standout Performances

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Only 32, Kate Lyn Sheil, in a career not even a decade old, has appeared in more film and TV productions than she has celebrated birthdays. Here are some of her standout performances on screens of all sizes.

Silver Bullets (2011): Sheil and writer-director Joe Swanberg generate brittle onscreen tension as a creative couple in this dark dissection of the moviemaking process.

Sun Don’t Shine (2012): The actress’s work in Amy Seimetz’s tough relationship drama is as good an illustration as any of her taste for the extreme: The movie opens with Sheil and her co-star (Kentucker Audley) wrestling ferociously in a patch of mud, and only becomes more intense from there.

House of Cards (2014–15): For two seasons of Netflix’s highly habit-forming show about abominable politicos, Sheil dazzles as kind, loving Lisa Williams, a church employee who starts a relationship with the long-isolated Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan).

A Wonderful Cloud (2015): In this alt-screwball comedy about former lovers and business partners reuniting briefly in L.A., Sheil stars opposite one of her real-life exes, writer-director Eugene Kotlyarenko, expertly keeping cool in a manic scenario.

The Girlfriend Experience (2016): Reteaming with Seimetz, one of the creators of this Starz series based on the 2009 Steven Soderbergh movie of the same name, Sheil reveals slinky, vulpine allure in the first three episodes as a high-end escort who introduces her good friend Christine (Riley Keough), the show’s law-school protagonist, to the elite flesh trade.