Here Comes Tropical Storm Hermine to Rain on Your Long Weekend


As New Yorkers woke up this morning to sunny skies, low humidity, and an afternoon high of 80 degrees, Hurricane Hermine touched down in Florida early Friday, battering the coastline with 80-mph winds and sheeting rain. And now she’s coming for us.

The National Weather Service issued a storm-surge watch of New York City, both shores of Long Island, the New Jersey coastline, and parts of Connecticut, with a forecast of heavy rains, rip currents, and coastal flooding expected to hit by early Sunday evening, with half an inch of rain expected before midnight.

Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that all New York City beaches are likely to be closed Sunday through Tuesday, along with possible bridge and transportation restrictions.

“I don’t want anyone to take this one lightly,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference Friday morning. “There are some elements of this storm that are very, very troubling.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo also activated the state’s Emergency Operations Center in advance of the looming storm, calling for state officials and emergency personnel to be on alert and actively monitor the approaching storm.

The Category 1 storm hit east of St. Marks, Florida just after midnight on Friday — the first hurricane in over a decade to make landfall in Florida — and weakened to a tropical storm by 5 a.m. But Carlie Buccola, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says there’s a good chance it will regain hurricane status by Monday morning.

“The storm is definitely a cause for concern as it looks like it will re-intensify,” she tells the Voice. “And residents along the coast should avoid the beaches because of high surf, strong rip currents, coastal beach erosion, and the possibility of flooding.”

The storm is predicted to sit over NYC through Tuesday night. By Wednesday, sunny skies will be back with a high around 86 degrees.

The latest forecasts and updates on the storm can be found on the National Weather Service’s website.