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Best Art and Event Space for the Unpretentious Gallery Goer


Bushwick’s reputation as a haven for artists feels ever more anachronistic as the forward march of shiny new luxury development continues. But there are still a few examples of spaces that support a vibrant arts community, including Signal Gallery, founded by Kyle Clairmont Jacques and Alexander Johns in 2012, where emerging artists can create larger-scale, site-specific works in a space resembling the white-cube galleries of Chelsea. Keeping their day jobs in order to support Signal Gallery, the duo have maintained a non-commercial focus on more respectfully showing the work of emerging New York artists. This year Signal added an additional wall to the wide, white vaulted industrial space so it can accommodate two solo shows at once. The impressive gallery is complemented by a large backyard where event attendees spill out on warm nights. Occupying the multiple roles of gallerists, curators, artists, and maintenance workers, Jacques and Johns reject art-world exclusivity, embracing instead the wider art community and DIY culture. Hosting installations, paintings, lectures, performances, and annual events like the Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair, Signal Gallery is an important outpost of a genuine New York art world that seems more and more difficult to find.

260 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn