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Best Bar for Downing Jedi Shots


Let’s face it, most of our favorite pop-culture trifles make more sense with alcohol. Mace Windu? Meh. Mace Windu drunk? Fun! That’s why we celebrate Barcelona Bar for allowing us to say, “Yes, I would like to wear an admiral hat and aviator sunglasses while imbibing a Jäger/schnapps/rum shot to the sweet sounds of Kenny Loggins’s ‘Danger Zone’!” At Barcelona, the beer is cheap and the Monday-night trivia is fun, but people really go there for the freedom not to take their drinking so seriously: It’s loud and rowdy, and making a fool of yourself is the entire point. The shot list features a hundred concoctions that range from the tame (Lemon Drop, Birthday Cake) to the fun (the White Gorilla, Sweet Lei) to the ridiculous (the Flaming Harry Potter, Top Gun, and the Return of the King). Can you order a pair of Jedis in both blue and red to play out your favorite Star Wars family therapy scenes? Of course you can. 

923 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan