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Best Bar for Pretending You’re on Vacation


Shuttered by Sandy in 2012, Bungalow Bar returned to the Rockaways in record time. The waterfront bar offers stunning views of Jamaica Bay, with a large deck and a dock that allows you to arrive by boat. White patio furniture, cardboard mermaid décor, and swim-clad patrons all add to the island vibe of this local joint. But sailors aren’t the only folks you’ll meet here; the food is enough of a treat that it’s a favorite spot for local families as well. Bar classics like fried mac and cheese or calamari come with precise presentation and a friendly smile. For a more raucous night, visit on weekends, when young Manhattanite surfers flood the bar, knocking back beach-ready beverages, including a boozy lemonade. It’s the perfect place to wind down a busy day of tanning, swimming, and water-skiing (Rockaway Jet Ski is right next door). Unlike the seasonal establishments in the Rockaways, Bungalow is open year-round; during the colder months, skip the patio for the bar’s spacious interior, which boasts a large window that frames its bay view.

377 Beach 92nd Street, Rockaway Beach, Queens