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Best Bot to Help You Understand Why You’ll Never Own a Home


New York City’s real estate market is great, and the city is a wonderful place to buy a home! Now that developers and landlords have stopped reading: New York City’s real estate market is a terrifying nightmare, and costs are still rising steeply. According to Curbed, Manhattan’s price per square foot just hit a record high and the average sales price of a place in Queens increased by 10 percent since the beginning of the year, compared with a mere 2.2 percent increase in Brooklyn. That’s to say nothing of landlords waging war on affordable housing, or state foot-dragging on spending enough to maintain affordable housing units (thanks, Governor Cuomo). A good way to learn about the state of New York real estate and/or reduce yourself to a gibbering mess is @realNYCbot, which tweets out reports on local real estate transactions, including address, price, square footage, and type of building. The bot is the brainchild of Neil Freeman, an artist and planner with a penchant for illustrating and playing around with data that others might ignore or use in some other, more boring way. Enjoy and/or immiserate yourself.
Ethan Chiel

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