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Best Children’s Bookstore


Books of Wonder is the kind of space that makes you wish you were a kid again. Launched in 1980, this bookstore has since become a well-loved New York entity, even serving as the inspiration for You’ve Got Mail. The sprawling Chelsea location is a veritable feast of literature for the younger set: Whimsical décor hangs from the ceiling, an in-house café offers a number of sweet treats, and toys cover shelf space not designated to the store’s massive collection of children’s books. Books of Wonder carries popular young-adult novels like the Harry Potter series, but also some titles you won’t find suggested on Amazon, as well as a selection of older and rare books that are displayed in polished bookcases for maximum ogling. The staff seems to live and breathe children’s books and is always handy with recommendations. The store also hosts weekly readings and a number of events centered around children’s books. Its website is a handy tool for tracking down titles you might not find otherwise, but a visit to the bookstore is a treat in itself. 

18 West 18th Street, Manhattan