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Best Chocolate Shop for Getting a Furious Vulva


It sounds almost too good to be true: A chocolate shop that makes inventive and whimsical fair-trade organic vegan chocolates with as many Hudson Valley–grown ingredients as possible — that also kill it in flavor. But it’s real, and it’s in New Paltz, New York. Thankfully, Lagusta’s Luscious (in partnership with vegan, gluten-free macaron-maker Sweet Maresa’s) has graced the big city with her yuzu creams, matzo toffee, pagan bark, and furious vulvas by opening up Confectionery at East 9th Street and Avenue A, giving the vegan sorbets at nearby Superiority Burger competition for post–Sloppy Dave dessert. The furious vulva, among all the treats in the tiny shop, is what will stick out to first-time customers. Far from some erotic novelty, it’s a cheeky, rich, sharp piece of dark chocolate flavored with pink peppercorns and pink sea salt. Gift a box of them to your friend celebrating a birthday — or a birth.

440 East 9th Street, Manhattan