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Best Corner for Brunch and Vintage Shopping


There are many brunch options in Crown Heights, but few are in the still-quiet sections of the neighborhood where you don’t have to line up and put down a name, even if you’re coming by at prime brunch time. Café Rue Dix, at Bedford Avenue and Park Place, is the place to go for a breezy meal of French-Senegalese food, juices, cocktails, and coffee. The hot sauce is truly hot, the egg-filled kale “cupcakes” a house staple. The couple behind the restaurant, Lamine Diagne and Nilea Alexander, also own the shop next door: Marché Rue Dix, a white, airy space filled with vintage and new clothing, housewares, and gifts. Hitting the one-two combo helps you digest, and the cocktails might inspire you to pick up a new dress. 

Cafe Rue Dix, 1451 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 929-234-2543

Marché Rue Dix, 1453 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 317-414-5436