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Of all the city’s CSAs, the 6th Street Community Center’s wins the title for both variety and generosity of produce, with a weekly bounty so large it’s possible to split the harvest three ways. In addition to providing members with access to high-quality, fresh, organic produce grown locally by farmers in the region, CSA Partnership farms also supply local produce to youth programs and neighborhood schools for use in nutrition and food preparation workshops. Anyone in New York is eligible for the CSA program, whether an East Village resident or not, and fees operate on a sliding scale based on household income. You pay for the season’s harvest up front, and then show up to the center for CSA pickups on Tuesdays from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. to collect your bounty. Housed in a former synagogue with a beautiful façade displaying a colorful CITYarts mural and stained-glass windows, the center is inviting enough for a return trip to try the café or one of the many wellness classes on offer. As a bonus, your membership supports the community center, which has been an East Village stronghold since 1978.

638 East 6th Street, Manhattan