Best Dance Party


As any high school kid with an empty house and fake ID will tell you, throwing a decent rager is hard work. Somehow the geniuses behind the Rub have managed to bring quality partygoing to New York music lovers for over fourteen years. DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven originally conceived of this monthly hip-hop party with fellow DJ Cosmo Baker, eschewing pricey entry fees and bottle service in favor of simple jams provided at the now-closed Park Slope club Southpaw. Today Ayres and Eleven continue the tradition at the Bell House, masterfully mixing beats with their friends to produce some of the most eclectic and fun dance music in the DJ scene. Step into the spacious warehouse to find bodies of all kinds moving to Willie Colón one moment, Marvin Gaye the next, and OutKast a few minutes later. These finely crafted playlists go beyond typical club bangers and ensure that everyone will work up a sweat by the end of the night. The large room fills up quickly, so be sure to get there early or suffer the dreaded line. Warning: The Rub is a party for serious party people only. Leave your inhibitions, pretensions, and painful shoes at the door. 

The Bell House

149 7th Street, Brooklyn