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Best Department Store Basement


If you need nice, cheap men’s formalwear, go to the basement of the Bay Ridge Century 21. But be ready to run. The territory between the front door and the sneaker-scuffed staircase is crowded by customers driven mad by the deals, deals, deals. Serpentine past real estate agents from Sheepshead Bay and a German tourist threatening to bodyslam one another over a checkout-aisle beanie, then barrel-roll past the young mother whose brood has swarmed the fool who nabbed the last discounted pack of gym socks; try to ignore the agonized screams as the spawn keep time to the metronomic whipping of an iridescent beige necktie (also on sale). If it’s a fire sale, there is a nonzero chance you will encounter an actual fire. Reach the basement, though, and you’ll luxuriate in the wall-to-wall racks of tasteful navies and charcoals. While you’re at it, have a conversation with the beatifically calm tailor, who’ll help you find a suit as sharp as his shark-tooth necklace. 

472 86th Street, Brooklyn