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Best Dimly Lit, No-Nonsense Neighborhood Bar


The Crown Inn is a neighborhood bar: It. Is. For. Drinking. “Beer and wine crowd” is how bartender Wolf Henry describes the clientele, and isn’t that exactly the right answer? Located on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, the Crown Inn finds a sweet spot between dive bar and more self-consciously stylish options: The seats aren’t sticky, the draft selection is reasonably broad, and you still don’t have to pay a fortune. Take your drink to the patio — lushly shaded by an elm the circumference of a cocktail table — or slip into one of the wooden booths near the back. That brings up one other thing about the Crown Inn: Apparently a lot of necking goes on there. The back room is dimly lit and, if Yelp reviewers are to be believed, the customers make good use of those darkened spaces. 

724 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn