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The agricultural start-up Gotham Greens operates three spaces in Brooklyn and Queens, each dedicated to providing fresh, local produce to its surrounding area. They grow crops year-round, thanks to automated climate control systems — maintained in computer rooms nearby — that monitor shade, vents, lights, heaters, and fans. Instead of growing its stock in soil, Gotham Greens uses a hydroponic farming technique, growing veggies in water — a system the farmers claim uses one-tenth the water and one-twentieth the land of traditional soil-based agriculture. The Whole Foods–based Gowanus location has solar panels plus a combined heat and power plant in the parking lot. You can find Gotham Greens produce at local markets, restaurants, and even on FreshDirect. 

Greenpoint: 810 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn

Gowanus: 214 3rd Street, Brooklyn

Hollis: 184-60 Jamaica Avenue, Queens