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Best Mom-and-Pop Indian-Spice Store


Nestled beneath a string of restaurants in the East Village’s Little India is a cherished family-run business that has provided residents and restaurants with authentic intercontinental groceries for almost thirty years. Dual Specialty is a one-stop shop for all things spices, herbs, teas, and a whole lot more. The unassuming storefront opens into a matrix of aisles housing goods both mainstream and obscure, serving purposes both culinary and medicinal. Shoppers can find basmati rice and English breakfast tea alongside galangal (a plant in the ginger family with medicinal uses), grape molasses (an ancient Middle Eastern sweetener), and the famous ghost chile, reputed to be the hottest pepper in the world. Almost everything is available in bulk, and cheap to boot. If you’re wondering what to cook with your latest haul, just ask the cashier for a recipe card and a friendly recommendation. And if you’re not one for cooking, drop by to check out their incomparable international beer selection, with four hundred different brews. Jessie Roth

91 First Avenue, Manhattan


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