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Best Old-School Doughnuts


Whatever its name — and this place goes by a couple, still often known by its previous moniker, Donut Shoppe — this is the kind of spot you wish were around the corner from you. Or perhaps not, since that sort of access to a 24-hour coffee shop with some of the best doughnuts in town could be trouble. Tucked away near the elevated subway tracks in Sheepshead Bay, the shop begins its doughnut production before dawn, and the display of these dense, doughy treats by the front door is a billboard for your best morning: a chocolate cake doughnut glistening with icing, a decadent Boston cream, a plain that’s just begging to be dipped in your coffee. There’s nothing laced with flower petals, nothing sprinkled with bacon bits — it’s just a straightforward, traditional doughnut place, one that also happens to serve pretty decent tacos. And the doughnuts are cheap, starting at seventy cents a pop, with that per-doughnut price dropping the more you buy. You may arrive to a line, and if you get there late, there may not be much of a selection. But if you hit the sweet spot, follow the advice a wise man once gave on buying doughnuts: “A dozen or none!” 

1503 Avenue U, Brooklyn