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Best Overlooked Outdoor Oasis


Doris sounds like the name of your kindly elderly neighbor, and this Bed-Stuy bar is just as friendly. The easy-to-miss-despite-being-yellow door on Fulton Street conceals a warm, stuccoed interior. Potted succulents sit on plank shelving, and small electric bulbs cast the place in what feels like candlelight. The indoor booths provide a place for intimate evenings (bartender Tom O’Neill says Tuesdays seem to be Tinder nights), but the real attraction is the airy backyard. Tables are big enough for groups, though people also tend to share, making this a good place to strike up conversation with someone new. O’Neill describes Doris as an “oasis,” which is a thing bartenders say, but in this case it happens to be accurate. The ping-pong table at the back of the patio may make you fear an invasion of guys with backward caps, but not to worry: No beer pong allowed! (It says so right on the table. With the exclamation point.) 

1088 Fulton Street, Brooklyn