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Best Place for Expat Southerners to Get an All-Day Fast-Food Chicken Biscuit


Every immigrant group has left its culinary footprint on New York, and an important stop for those from south of Maryland is the Church’s Chicken near Times Square. It’s quite easy to find better chicken in the city, even among the other Southern chains — Popeyes, not KFC, you monster — but one undeniably attractive item on the Church’s menu is the biscuit. OK, you have to walk through throngs of tourists to the back of a sad, standalone food court to get to it. OK, the biscuits won’t be as big as you remember. OK, Port Authority is just a couple of blocks away, and a proper Bojangles’ biscuit just a couple of hours’ bus ride farther. But instead of a salty hockey puck or a tasteless flour cloud, you’ll bite down into a puff of glazed dough that will transport you to your childhood, where your drawling parents thank a drawling cashier and pass to the sweltering backseat of an SUV your small reward for accompanying them on some errand without fuss. Then you’ll take a couple more bites (but fewer than you remember taking back then), open your eyes, and go about your day, full of grease and nostalgia.

705 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan