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Best Place to Become Drone-Obsessed


As unmanned aircraft attracted more of a following in New York City, Roger Kapsalis saw a hole in the market. Back in March, he and a silent partner opened Brooklyn Drones NYC, a small but sleek store space on Park Slope’s redeveloping Fourth Avenue, intended to be a one-stop shop for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. Brooklyn Drones’ narrow storefront is lined with display microdrones (any aircraft under four and a half pounds), features an in-house flight simulator, and spotlights some impressive aerial photography from Kapsalis. Out back, a flight cage lets you test-fly certain models. Drones can run anywhere from $500 to $10,000, but the knowledgeable staff is always willing to guide you through your options. Brooklyn Drones also offers classes on safety, regulations, and even drone photography. Brooklyn Drones hopes to turn its space into a gallery for aerial photography and to offer group trips to local scenic areas in New York for devotees to frolic freely with their gear. Just remember: No flying in densely populated neighborhoods, or the FAA will want to have a word.

315 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn