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Best Place to Check Out Indian movies


Americans may enjoy going to the movies, but in India, it’s a national pastime. Bombay Theatre, the only movie theater in New York City that deals exclusively in Indian cinema, aims to re-create the Indian moviegoing experience for the Tri-State area’s growing South Asian population. Previously a gay adult-movie house, the two-floor, single-screen cinema has no trouble filling its 547 reclining seats. Teenagers sporting sagging pants and aunties decked out in salwar kameez file into the theater to settle into plush seating, slip off their shoes, and watch the latest releases from the subcontinent. Audiences are lively and responsive, breaking out in laughter, applauding, or singing along to a popular tune. During intermission, people line up out the door to fill up on overstuffed samosas brimming with potato and chickpeas. The concession stand also sells American snacks and kulfi and offers tamarind chutney to jazz up your meal. English-only speakers, don’t worry: The movies are subtitled. Alana Mohamed

68-25 Fresh Meadow Lane, Flushing, Queens