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Best Place to Dutty Wine


Bembe is never not packed. Partygoers cram into the small lounge to dance to Latin and Caribbean beats, doing some serious sweating in the process. Regulars will tell you to show up before eleven or else risk dealing with a line and someone’s elbow perpetually in your side as you try to dance the night away. Crowds are pleasantly diverse for a Williamsburg hot spot, and the authentic touches attract dance lovers from all over the city. The DJ blasts hit after hit, usually accompanied by live drums, and the drinks are strong and conjure a tropical getaway: caipirinhas, rum punch, and a strong vodka-based drink served out of a watermelon. Tuesday night is devoted exclusively to reggae and dancehall; if that’s not your thing, Bembe will soon make you love it. The gregarious staff, stiff drinks, and jovial dancers lend themselves to an electric atmosphere that demands you shake your hips — Bembe isn’t a spot to post up and posture about the latest vapor-wave tracks or your eclectic film tastes. Dress light, wear comfortable shoes, and bring some friends (couples get free entry) to ensure the best time at this Brooklyn gem. 

81 South 6th Street, Brooklyn