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Best Place to Enter The Astral Plane, Sans Mind-Altering Chemicals


If your only experience with sensory-deprivation tanks is via Stranger Things, do yourself a favor and slide into one at Lift. No, you won’t be battling demogorgons. But gazing at sparkling vistas in the void? Check. Forgetting where your body starts and ends? Check. Try hard enough, and you might hear your blood pumping through your veins. Trippy, huh? Exactly. Don’t mind small spaces? Try the evolution float pod, which looks like a giant space egg and immerses you in skin-temperature water loaded with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, suspending your body between saline solution and air in perfect equilibrium. Claustrophobic? There’s an ocean float room with high ceilings and faux starlight that’ll make you feel like you’re drifting across the universe. Word to the wise: Don’t shave before your float, and if you have any cuts, make sure you cover them up before stepping in. And don’t take any mind-altering substances beforehand — the tank will provide all the cosmic perspectives for you. 

320 Court Street, Brooklyn