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Best Place to Get a New ‘Do While Surrounded by Taxidermy


Some people like the sterile, brightly lit, eucalyptus-doused salon experience. Word to those folks: Steer clear of Blackstones in the East Village. This salon is a bit like walking into an old curio shop that’s undergone a Pinterest-perfect makeover, complete with wall-mounted succulents. Just behind the salon chairs, deer antlers graze the ceiling, a bear head looms through the wall, and a wasps’ nest balances on a high shelf. The outre décor owes itself to owner and master stylist Joey Silvestra’s former life as a Philadelphia taxidermist. These days, instead of grooming grisly delights, he serves up the best in hair care, from a root touch-up to a completely new ‘do. Whether you’re a roll-outta-bed-and-go type or someone who spends extra time coiffing each morning, Silvestra and his team of expert stylists will listen and determine the best look for you. Blackstones boasts a roster of clients that includes Alexander Wang, Chloë Sevigny, and Dame Helen Mirren, so you know you’re getting a star-worthy cut, no matter your age or style. (If you really can’t get past the dead animals, step into Blackstones’ new Parisian-inspired location at the Roxy Hotel in Tribeca.) 

19 East 7th Street, Manhattan