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Best Place to Go Back in Time and Sip Scotch


There’s a rooftop in Chelsea where you can travel back in time and sip scotch on a soft bed in a dimly lit library, or toast your compatriots while lounging in a fireside rocking chair, or at a desk filled with parchment and quills. Some of your fellow imbibers at the Lodge at Gallow Green may hold eerie white masks — may even be wearing them — but don’t worry. You haven’t stumbled into some horror movie; they likely just found their way upstairs from the interactive theatrical production Sleep No More, which adapts the story of Macbeth for a silent performance. Upstairs in the Lodge, a wintertime version of the hotel’s open-air Gallow Green rooftop bar, nothing else matters: Even if it’s a frosty nightmare outside, you’re snug in this dark haven as you savor drinks like A Rose by Any Other Name and Something Wicked. But be forewarned: This old-fashioned escapade will cost you modern-day prices. 

542 West 27th Street, Manhattan