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Best Place to Learn About the Weird Internet


An occasional evening of presentations by people who are, broadly speaking, from the internet, IRL Club has been around since 2013, when the first show was put together by a group of journalists (specifically New Yorker staff writer Adrian Chen, New York magazine editor Max Read and staff writer Laura June Topolsky, New York Times reporter John Herrman, and BuzzFeed editor Katie Notopoulos). Past talks have included IRL Club regular Leon Chang offering a sampling of the poorly drawn dogs of WikiHow, Web developer and artist Jenn Schiffer explaining how to make male Web developers really mad by using satire, a presentation by moderators of the Cool Freaks’ Wikipedia Club, and a performance by artist Peiqi Su’s Penis Wall (a wall of moving plastic dicks originally designed to fluctuate with changes in the stock market). Some past IRL Club events have had loosely interpreted themes (e.g., politics, drugs) but most have been wide ranging. These days IRL Club is hosted at the Bell House in Gowanus; show up to the next one and maybe you’ll figure out what people are talking about when they say “weird Twitter,” or be deeply confused, or both.