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Best Place to Learn How to Make Some Sweet Digital Art


Digital art is a scene, which isn’t surprising. What is pleasantly surprising is seeing attempts to open that scene up to those who don’t have an art degree or a trust fund. Powrplnt, a nonprofit based out of a Bushwick gallery space (bear with us) where the computers are nestled among more plants than you’d expect, traffics in those attempts. With the right lighting, the place feels like it’s been dressed up as a low-rent version of a science-fiction arcology. In addition to shows, Powrplnt runs workshops that are designed to make digital art and technology more accessible, running the gamut from basic computer skills (email, Facebook, uploading photos) to zine-making to electronic music. Recently, Powrplnt hosted Intersessions, DJ’ing workshops run by and for women and non-binary people. Many of the classes are offered for free to teenagers, and community members are invited to propose courses of their own. 

562 Evergreen Avenue, Brooklyn