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Best Place to See a 35mm Print


It’s seen some impressive competition recently with the arrival of the Metrograph, but the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater — with its massive screen, generous sightlines, and comfy seats — remains the city’s best place to enjoy watching a 35mm film print. (You remember 35mm, right? That’s the stuff movies used to be shot and shown on before they all basically became giant videos.) In an era when even many arthouses have drifted away from showing celluloid film, the programmers for the Walter Reade still go out of their way to track down actual prints and show them in the best venue possible, with top-notch projection. (In part, that’s because they also have the smaller Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center theaters across the street, where they can show digital copies of newer-release films.) But the competition is heating up: Besides Metrograph, there’s the reopening of the Quad to look forward to, as well as a proposed expansion of the IFC Center, and an Alamo Drafthouse coming to Brooklyn. 

165 65th Street, Manhattan