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Best Podcast That’s Really an Ad but Really Is a Good Podcast


The level of bluster in the tech industry can be pretty exhausting. It’s often even worse in tech podcasts, because tech podcasts have been around since the dawn of time (2003) and usually involve hosts and guests alike who buy into their own spiels. Track Changes isn’t like that — or at least it’s less like that. The podcast is effectively an ad for the company that produces it, Postlight, but its hosts are pretty forthright about that. (In the interest of being forthright: Postlight is also in the midst of conducting the Voice‘s Web redesign.) This is probably because the hosts are also Postlight’s founders, Paul Ford and Rich Ziade. The podcast is a delight, partly because Ford and Ziade aren’t Pollyannaish about the tech industry. The two have already brought on a panoply of voices, and offered their own gimlet-eyed wisdom on Apple’s legal battle with the FBI over encryption, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s goof-ups, and your old enemy, Microsoft Office’s Clippy.