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Best Pool Hall You Can’t Get to By Subway


Pool halls attract the worst of us: drunk bros, unruly sports fans, and attendees of college reunions nobody asked for. Bayside’s Cue Bar is not entirely an exception, but it is devoid of the seedy boys-club feel and offers the luxury of space, a rare commodity for city pool halls. Neon lights and a sweeping bar, combined with 21 competition-size pool tables, ping-pong, foosball, lounge seating, and televisions tuned to sports, make the space seem big enough for everyone to ignore one another and to be ignored, which is really the goal of any trip this deep into Queens. The bar hosts a billiards league, if you’re a serious player; on most nights, the crowd is surprisingly diverse for a neighborhood that is not terribly so; Bayside is predominantly white and Asian, and evidence of classic New York City housing segregation abounds here. Don’t be afraid to nod your head to the synthy hum of occasionally embarrassing Top 40 and dancehall remixes you don’t remember learning the words to. It’s Bayside, after all. Odds are good that you won’t see anybody you know. 

45-18 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, Queens