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Best Space for Underground Theme Parties


Gemini & Scorpio is still bringing the kind of alt New York cool that not even a city of condo-dwelling, early-to-bed early-to-fitness-class types can destroy. Since 2002, the two self-described “funky Brooklyn gals,” Miss Gemini and Miss Scorpio, have been producing wildly imaginative themed costume parties while also running a weekly email guide to underground events around the city. (Think circus and burlesque performances, not DJ gigs or comedy shows.) More recently, Larisa Fuchs, the Brooklyn gal who goes by the name Miss Scorpio, found a 3,000-square-foot woodworking shop in Gowanus and turned it into a loft of her own. Now that a renovation has removed any wood chips, the Gemini & Scorpio loft doubles as an events space that can be affordably rented out for parties, performances, art shows, production shoots, fashion shows — you name it, as long as it isn’t a straight-up DJ dance party. Gemini & Scorpio’s innovative party-throwing expertise is also available for rent. And of course, they are still throwing shindigs with a unique sensibility. It’s good to know that creativity is still alive in this town.