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Best Spicy Pizza


We’re living in a golden age of pizza in New York City, where, in a single (if long and filling) day, you can eat the gamut, from the traditional pies of Totonno’s and Joe & Pat’s to the modern classics of Roberta’s and Paulie Gee’s. Bringing up the newer class is this Ditmas Park spot, where owner David Sheridan has perfected a sourdough crust and upped the ante on how spicy a great pizza can be. Adding fresh jalapeños to the “Sunset Park” pie, which is topped with hot soppressata to begin with, is an easy way to begin your tongue-tingling journey, but then the staff brings over condiments: fiery Thai chile powder, a tangy homemade sriracha sauce, and sweet-and-spicy honey. Once you’ve eaten pizza this way, red-pepper flakes will only do on a dollar slice. Plus, if you’re hit with too much heat here, you can cool off with a cocktail from an extensive, creative, and fairly priced list of options, most of which are, as the restaurant’s name may have tipped you off, whiskey-based. Those drinks are fairly priced too, but you can save more by opting for the cocktail of the day, often around $8, or by getting in on the late happy hour that starts every night at 9 p.m. And yes, there’s at least one cocktail spiked with hot sauce. 

905 Church Avenue, Brooklyn